AI Back Office

We provide advanced AI back office to make you a pioneer in the market. A variety of more convenient and complete functions will definitely double your business profit.

Wallet System

With a fast and secure wallet system, our services can help you expand your business faster.

Simple to load money

Easy accessibility

Enjoy promotion and rewards

Quick transfer of funds


With AI back office, it will make it easier for you to manage all your user profiles and analyze your business.

Control of user info

Learning user behavior

Auto deposit/withdrawal

24/7 customer support

Measuring customer satisfaction

Member Rebate Calculation

Abandon traditional and complicated rebate calculations! With advanced AI technology, calculating rebates becomes a breeze.

Fast settlement

Streamline routine back-office tasks

Better data analysis

Affiliate Commission

Member commission calculations will be processed with faster settlement method.

Faster transaction processing

Added convenience

Fraud Detection

Comprehensive fraud prevention solutions, allowing you to face the larger-scale business model more easily.

Real time control

Evaluates 100% of transaction

Reducing false positives

Real time behavioral statistic

Transparent reporting

Adaptive analytics

Cost saving

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